Early Start

Early Start

November 11, 2018

There’s something about getting up super early and heading to the beach.

This will be the first of many early morning trips out to the beautiful coastline of the Sunshine Coast (QLD). I had been talking with a mate (Josh Whysall) about heading out early to catch the sunrise. He was keen so, we hit up Shelly beach to see the rise. Not many people in the water just yet, it’s still a bit cool. Though there was one keen fella and his dog (seen below).

After we finished up at Shelly beach we headed over to Bullcock beach. I love Bullock because the northernmost tip of Bribie Island is literally a few hundred meters away, and it’s stunning!

We wrapped up the early morning shoot with a quick stop in at Kings Beach Bar for a flat white and the most amazing apple and cinnamon muffin – I could get used to that.

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Waiting Patiently
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Shooting with Josh – Check out his Instafeed here

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